Find quick answers to most frequently asked questions

General Questions (4)

If you have any general questions in regards to our company and services, please have a look at the answers below.

Can you target a specific country or city?
At this moment we offer limited targeting on some services, but it is not possible to target a country or city for Facebook likes/fans. However, while the fans we provide are worldwide, we aim to target English speaking countries.
Can I run two campaigns at the same time?
Can I order multiple times for the same page?
Do you have a reseller or affiliate program?

Order Questions (4)

In this section you will find helpful answers related to your purchase. Such as delivery speed, warranty, what to expect, etc.

How long does it take to see results?
Usually we process orders within several hours from payment. So expect results within 1-24 hours. It may take longer to set up your campaign due to your niche or order size. So please wait up to 48 hours before contacting us.
Where can I check the status of my order?
Can I use another company at the same time?
Can I split my order to several pages?

Payment Questions (4)

In case if you have any questions regarding payments and billing, head over to this section for detailed answers.

What payment methods do you accept?
Our payments are processed by PayPal. However, you may choose to pay via credit card when asked to provide your fan page/account URL (processed by 2Checkout payment gateway).
Is your payment process secure?
Do you offer discounts for non-profits or veterans?
Can I get a refund?

Security Questions (4)

This section is dedicated to fairly popular questions regarding safety and security of using the services our company offers.

Are your services safe to use?
All our marketing efforts are organically achieved via our network of 1.3 million people. All fans, likes and followers you get are from real people. In 6 years we have never received a complaint of accounts or paged being removed, so there is nothing to worry about.
Will likes/fans disappear over time?
Will anyone find out I used your services?
Do you need access to my accounts?
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